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Youngblood: Interview with Amiel Kornicki

January 17, 2018

Remember the Youngblood interview from issue 7 of KrakMag? Well, this one is kind of similar. We first met Amiel through our own app (you can type Krak on the app store) and this young kid is literally killing it. I was personally amazed the day he landed a nice treflip down the 3 blocks along the Seine quays (the footage is on his Krak profile if you are curious). So when we planned our special collab t-shirt with Tealer I knew right away that I wanted to meet him and sit down this interview. Now here we are and below is his story. k.

What’s up, man! So tell us, how did it all start? How old are you and how long have you been skating?
I am 15 and I’ve been skating since I was 9 years old. Walking sucked, so I used to take this old board from my big brother—it didn’t even have grip—to go buy our daily baguette. Then I started using it more and more until I tried to do my first ollie.

Amiel Kornicki, f/s feeble. Photo: Eric Aussman

Amiel Kornicki, f/s feeble. Photo: Eric Aussman

Paris is in the spotlight these days. Does it motivate you?
There’s always been strong Parisian skaters but what changed is that they now became famous. So yeah, definitely, that’s inspiring. It’s dope to skate spots that became known worldwide and where every skater in the world wishes to skate.

What do you think about this Parisian scene? What’s the best and worst of it?
The Parisian scene is really diverse: you’ve got the most technical skaters, so more like “basic” shredding around with the more original ones (like the no comply and that shit). But you know, Paris is quite a big city so sometimes older dudes don’t mix with the younger crowd.

Are you happy in Paris? Do you see yourself living there forever, or you’re more like an explorer and keen to live elsewhere in the world?
I love Paris! Place de la Republique, Jemmapes skatepark, my homies… But in the future I’d like to spend a couple of years in Barcelona (with regular round-trips home haha!). Anyway, stay in Europe.

We’ve been seeing you a lot these days: congrats for making it to the Skatedeluxe flow team. The Paris video is neat. How long did it take to shoot it?
Thanks! It didn’t take much time: Guillaume [Le Goff – Skatedeluxe Director in France] contacted me, and two weeks later we ended up filming the video during two full days. Douwe [Macare] was there, with Matt [Debauche] — both skaters from the Team — and my buddy Kevin [Ozcan], who ended up in the flow team, too. I also met the team manager. They were all really cool.

Amiel Kornicki, f/s boardslide. Photo: Khalid Chhiba

Amiel Kornicki, f/s boardslide. Photo: Khalid Chhiba

At the end of the day you were skating with your homies… I guess you know each other well?
Yep, Kevin is a homie and we’re the same age so we often skate together in Paris. Even when we don’t plan a session we run into each other haha. As for Mat, I met him at the France Championship in Calais not long ago. The only one I didn’t know was Douwe, a rad dude and dope skater from Holland!

Talking about that video, the frontside feeble on the Bagnolet rail was dope! Tell us about it!
3 weeks earlier, I had landed that trick for the first time down the small rail at Jemmapes, and I thought it was such a sick trick that I tried it on that rail too. I went for it pretty quickly. I was so motivated, everyone there was trying crazy stuff.

Well I mentioned the Skatedeluxe video but you’re part of another video from Tealer Skateboarding, soon-to-be released. Who was there with you during this trip in Madrid? Any anecdotes?
It was Tealer’s first skate trip: the “no wifi tour”. We left with quite a team: Gorka Defrance, Sam Vroman, Akim Cherif, Max Renaud, Maceo Moreau, Thibault Le Nours as a photographer, and Hugi Ghnassia as a filmer. It was my first tour too, it was dope. We travelled for 6 days. There’s so much to talk about, man, haha I wouldn’t know where to start.

Amiel Kornicki, kickflip. Photo: Yoann Kim

Amiel Kornicki, kickflip. Photo: Yoann Kim

Did you know Madrid before that? How was it? Like, compared to Barcelona?
I had been there once when I was 6 so I can’t even remember. Barcelona is still #1 for me: there are spots everywhere, not to mention the beach… Don’t get me wrong, Madrid is a great city too — it’s less “skate” than Barcelona but it’s easier to innovate, and since Gorka had lived there, he knew all the spots across the city. We met local homies, it was a great trip.

Ok, a quick Q&A:
Last video you watched: Louie Lopez’s “Holy stokes” part for Volcolm in Thrasher.
Favorite 2016 video: Awaydays. Especially Miles Silvas’ part.
Favorite tricks: too many! Frontside feeble, backside tailslide, treflip, nollie inward.
Favorite pros: Miles Silvas, Diego Najera, Brian Peacock.
Favorite spots: Place de la Republique (Paris), Macba (Barcelona).

Amiel Kornicki, f/s boardslide. Photo: Eric Aussman

Amiel Kornicki, f/s boardslide. Photo: Eric Aussman

Who are the most promising Frenchies in skateboarding?
Tim Debauche, Kevin Ozcan… these dudes are prodigies! And of course, Aurelien Giraud!

So what’s up for you these coming days / weeks / months? Tease us!
I am filming a skatepark edit with my buddy and filmer, Emile Moutaud. To be released in July!

Neat! Any shoutouts?
Skate Deluxe, Tealer, Dad, Mom, my friends.

Cover image: Amiel Kornicki, f/s boardslide. Photo: Khalid Chhiba

This interview was originally featured in the printed KrakMag that shipped with the Euro Tour KrakBox. Want to get your hands on a copy of the next printed KrakMag? Want to receive epic skateboarding product every two months? Check out the KrakBox now!

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