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Wanderlust: Krooked’s “Selfie Sticks and Korean Tricks” Tour

February 28, 2015

Jake Johnson ollieKrooked Skateboards recently made a trip to Seoul, South Korea and just released a rad little video of their trip in conjunction with the Thrasher Magazine article.  With a crew consisting of Bobby Worrest, Mike Anderson, Sebo Walker and guest Jake Johnson you know you’re guaranteed nothing but top notch skateboarding.The footage consists of a ton of street skating(with a really cool water gap session), a demo in a sick looking skatepark, some wrestling, the mandatory fireworks fight, and more street skating. And the occasional selfie stick trick shot. Yup.

Mike Anderson bonelessSebo Walker has some really chill lines in the video, we especially like his night line with a nollie heel front lip(YES he can!!) on a natural bank to flatbar followed by a backtail bigspin on a wooden bench.

Mike Anderson makes bonelesses look really fun, and Bobby Worrest crushes it with frontboards down a steep ass rail. Jake Johnson has a really chill 50-50 on what looks like a marble kinked hubba.

Mike Anderson ollieSeoul definitely seems to have spots for days, and the video’s vibe is clearly one of  all around fun clocking in at just under 6 minutes. We’re also digging the choice of music with Scraper and this video will definitely hype you up to go skate this weekend! Peep the video below.

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