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Interview, Kraken

Virgile (Paris, France)

November 19, 2014

Let me introduce you this guy, he’s our Krak homies in Paris.

What’s up Virgile?

Everything great thanks! Just back from a sesh in the north of paris at EGP, of course you can check it on the Krak app.

EGP north paris

Can you introduce yourself please.

I’m Virgile, I’m 24 years old, I’m from Lyon, France. I now live in Paris but I had the chance to live and skate in Montreal and Buenos Aires, which was awesome! On my spare time I write on Vida Skate a blog about local skate scenes and skate news in general. To finish, of course, I’m a Krak addict ;).

What do you do for a living?

I work at M6, one of the big local TV channel, I am in charge of a new Youtube channels launch. Our latest project is an acoustic cover channel called Cover Garden, here is the link if you want to check it out.

Why did you decide to join The Krak Homies?

When the Krak team first contacted me about a year ago, I thought the project was really cool and offered to get involved. So, when they offered me to be part of the Krak Homies I was really stoked and didn’t over think it, I said yes.

Your availability to hang out and skate?

Since I am working, I skate mostly at night and on the week ends of course. I’d definitely be happy to meet homies to skate and hang out.

Any favorite spot?

In Lyon, I’ve spent countless hours at Hotel de Ville, the spot is legendary where I had the chance to watch Cliché pros filming parts. In Paris, my favorite spot is Fougères skatepark at the East of Paris, cool locals and great curves, definitely recommend it (the spot is on the Krak app). In Buenos Aires, I really love the Converse skate plaza, it’s hard to get there but once you are there it’s like California in South America.

Hotel de Ville – Lyon
Hotel de ville

Converse skate plaza – Buenos Aires
Converse skate plaza

Fougères – Paris
Fougères Paris

Favorite skater?

Not very original but I am a huge fan of Eric Koston! The guy is a living legend.

Video part?

The Guy Mariano part in Pretty Sweet!

Anecdote about your worst session ever?

In Buenos Aires I remember going for an 1h30 bus drive to go to a skatepark and break my board on the second trick no skateshop around…That really sucked.

Foodporn: Baguette Cheese Saucisson or Burger?

Baguette, Cheese and Saucisson of course!

Tony Hawk Pro Skater or SKATE ?

Skate is cool but all the good memories go which Tony Hawk Pro Skater of course.

Thanks Bro!


Picture ©Helene Giansily
Left to Right: Antoine Bunel, Ishod Wair, Pierre Leroy & Virgile De Vile

Wanna see more? Find them on KRAK!

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