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Krak Minute – Synagogue Rails, Miami

November 6, 2019

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Kris Markovich – Fs boardslide up + bs lip down & bs smith – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Anthony Van Engelen – Bs nosegrind & halfcab crook – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Rob Dyrdek – Fs overcrook – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Ed Selego – Noseblunt – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Jesse Silvey – Gap to noseblunt – Shorty’s ‘Guilty’
Geoff Rowley – Hurricane – Flip ‘Sorry’
Arto Saari – Fs crook & flip fs boardslide – Flip ‘Sorry’
Mark Appleyard – Flip bs lip – Flip ‘Sorry’
Mark Appleyard – Nollie noseslide – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Ed Selego – Nollie crook – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Fred Gall – Switch crook – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Josh Kalis – Switch fs tailslide – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Brandon Turner – Switch fs board & flip noseslide – Shorty’s ‘Guilty’
Peter Smolik – Noseslide heelflip out – Shorty’s ‘Guilty’
Matt Berger – Fs noseslide heelflip out – Etnies ‘Album’
Justin Henry – Fs shuvit crook – Quasi ‘Mother’
Tyshawn Jones – Switch flip fs boardslide – Adidas ‘Away Days’

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