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A lot of people don’t usually put too much thought into their socks when they get dressed each day. They assume people from the outside don’t really see them, so why bother. Of course there’s some truth in that. But as skateboarders our socks are an essential part of our wardrobe. And though it’s usually a case of function before fashion, we can definitely appreciate a fun pair of good quality, unique socks.

That’s why in the past we have shipped some pairs of Stance socks (amazing comfort); some Toy Machine socks (we love their style) and Enjoi socks, for example. Our feet are special—we’re skateboarders after all—so we want to make sure they’re covered in nothing but the best. Our socks connect our feet to our shoes, which connect us to our boards, which connect us to the world.

If you can read this, bring me my skate shoes

“If you can read this, bring me my skate shoes”

That’s why we decided to make our very own Krak socks for our ‘Xmas’ KrakBox. So pull your socks up! If you’re lazing around with your feet up then it’s time to put on your skate shoes and get out and roll.

These Krak skate socks were included in the Xmas KrakBox. Want to receive epic skateboarding product every two months? Check out the KrakBox now!