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Sk8ology x Skateistan

June 20, 2018

We love Skateistan more and more over time. We met them in Berlin a few years ago and immediately fell in love with their work, dedication and true love. That’s why we picked up a special Sk8ology x Skateistan carabiner for this mix. We’re stoked that their mission resonates with more and more people in our community.

Tell us about the Skate Carabiner Tool. What was the inspiration for it?
At my previous company I created the UNIT “T” Tool. It does everything except cut grip tape but it’s too big to carry. I wanted to design a skate tool that was a combination of ninja butterfly knife and fully functional skate tool… the engineering firm I was working with really didn’t want the liability of skate tool combined with an instrument of death so we did some research and settled on the carabiner form. The design allowed us to drop a ton of weight, act as a keychain/bottle opener, and always be available for quick tune ups. In addition, it works great to hang your backpack high up so you can see it from wherever you are skating. It came with one trade off: It’s a pain to build up a complete from scratch with it simply because it’s a “tune up” tool… not a “build a complete” tool… oh, and since I’ve had mine, I’ve never lost a set of keys!

Skate and Create Girls Session in Phnom Penh ©Skateistan

Skate and Create Girls Session in Phnom Penh ©Skateistan

Why did you decide to partner with Skateistan for this product?
Long story short, they bring the joy of skateboarding to places where “joy” is in very short supply. Go to the website, YouTube ’em, if you are not touched by the impact they are making then you are not human. Everyone that backs Skateistan is legit: Thunder has a Skateistan Truck, Zero makes boards for them, Spitfire does a wheel, Tony Hawk & Jamie Thomas sit on their board of directors. We said, we’d be honored to be their Sk8 tool supplier/licensee so we started making them and paying them a royalty. We’ll back them forever.

Sk8ology carabiner

Skateistan - Empowering youth through education and skateboarding

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