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Santa Monica Triple Set

September 9, 2015

Last update:


Let’s start first with what we missed in our first clip:


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– World Industries ‘New World Order’: ollie by Kareem Campbell
– Toy Machine ‘Welcome to Hell’: 180 by Donny Barley
– Element ‘Third Eye View’: 180 back by Kenny Hughes; kickflip by Kris Markovich
– The Deathwish Video: kickflip to firecracker on the last set by Lizard King
– Birdhouse ‘The End’: flip front by Andrew Reynolds
– frontside heelflip by Carlos Vega
– Element World Tour 1999: backside heelflip & front 360 by Jeremy Wray
– Flip ‘Sorry’: backside flip & switch flip by Arto Saari; pop shuvit & backside 360 & varial heelflip by Geoff Rowley
– eS ‘Menikmati’: switch back by Arto Saari
– Youtube clip: treflip by Tyler Price; fakie heel by Paul Hart; switch hardflip by Woody Woelfel
– Shredit Card: impossible by Dylan Williams
– Lost & Found clip: cab by Chris Pfanner
– Girl ‘Yeah Right’: switch heel by Eric Koston
– Transworld ‘Sub’: nollie heel by Benny Fairfax
– Digital Skateboarding ‘Smoke and Mirrors’: nollie bigspin & nollie flip by Cody McEntire
– Index Skateboard Supply ‘Allergic to Awesome’: fakie flip by Auby Taylor
– Filmbot Clip: fakie tre shove & switch varial heel by Paul Hart
– Blind ‘This is not a Test’: nollie back heel & nollie bs 360 by Kevin Romar
– ‘Standards Forsaken’: nollie heel front & switch heel front by Nate Principato
– ‘Ta Ha’: switch big heel by Derrick Wilson
– ‘We are Blood’: bigspin heel by Oscar Meza
– Nike ad: switch treflip by Paul Rodriguez

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