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Krak Minute – La Salut, Santa Coloma de Gramenet

November 13, 2019

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Rodrigo TX – Nollie fs flip + fs halfcab flip – DGK ‘Blood Money’
Roman Lisivka – Halfcab heel + nollie fs heel – Primitive part
Miles Silvas – Nollie fs heel + switch bs 180 + nollie inward – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Lucas Puig – Bs flip + switch heel + switch bs flip – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Tanner Burzinski – Switch bs 180 + kickflip + Nollie fs bigspin – 30 Days in Heaven
Jordan Maxham – Hippie jump – nollie tre + fs flip- Barc3lona part
Justin Sommer – Fs flip + switch heel + fakie tre + switch pop shuvit – Santa Cruz ‘Til The End’
Chuck Donnatin – Ollie up x2 – Pizza ‘Que Aproveche’

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