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A collab’ always feels special right? We were so down to have teamed up with artist Lucas Beaufort and Mikendo, founder of Pindejo for a special project.

If you’ve been part of the journey for a while you probably remember Mikendo from KrakMag #4. Here’s how he started skateboarding: “A kid in my high school named Kurt had a 7.35 Foundation Josh Beagle board, with tiny 39mm wheels and some Grind King trucks. They were of the “king of grinds!” haha and he got me into it. Since then it’s been the most important thing in my life and shown me things I could have never discovered on my own.”

Lucas painted the cover of our KrakMag #3 back in the day. You can check it out here and read our interview with him. For our 7th KrakBox Lucas drew for us again and we turned it into a limited edition pin made by Pindejo. We were so stoked on this one.

If you received one of these pins don’t forget to send us your pictures to show us how you wear it. Enjoy!

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