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Please introduce yourself…
Hey my name is Mark Rags. I’m born and bred from NJ and currently tearing up South Brunswick, Central Jersey.

When did you start skateboarding?
I started skating when I was 9. My neighbor had a Blind board and a rail. I liked the reaper and I loved the newly found rush.

Can you tell us how you even thought about launching a blanket company?
After the military I worked for a home decor company and learned plenty about the industry. I noticed that there were no dope designed blankets out there and what better than to make one geared toward the thrashers of the world. That’s how Skate Dreams came to be.

Lazy Shift Skate Dreams

Skate Dreams blanket

What’s the concept behind Lazy Shift in fact? Because now on your website we could find tons of reviews as well?
LAZY SHIFTs entire mindset is to chill. Everyday we have to get up and go be apart of society. Busting our ass’s to stay alive. Well when we’re done doing what we must it’s time to clock out of the work shift and back into the Lazy Shift. Lazy Shift can be whatever you want it to be, anything that helps you relax. We started doing reviews to just give the Shifters some ideas of what to check out when they are clocked in. Books, Movies, Video games, concerts, tattoo parlors, dope eateries. Everything is chill when you’re down with the Shift.

Do you have other writers/reviewers too?
I would say I contribute about 25% of the reviews. We have shift reviewers all over the world and encourage everyone who wants to do a little creative writing to shoot us an email and let us know what’s dope.

Rob Werner at Love Park

Rob Werner at Love Park

What’s the plan now?
The plan now is to just keep growing. Make dope blankets, keep the people chilling and look into more cool stuff to produce. We are working on some really awesome pyjama bottoms that can be worn in the house or out. Honestly though just living the Lazy Shift is what makes me happy and I want to continue to do that and keep recruiting the homies of the world to do the same.

Lazy Shift Mark Rags

Mark Rags

Who did the graphic on the skate dreams blanket we included in the mix?
The skate Dreams graphic was done by a very talented homie out in Europe – Jamie Hodgson

Would you have any piece of advice for the peeps who’re reading you now and would hesitate to launch their own company?
Never hesitate but make a plan. Look that plan over and throw it out and write another one. Have fun and create. They say that a skater is one of the best entrepreneurs in the world and they don’t even know it.

What could we wish you for 2017?
Health, happiness and plenty of time ripping these streets.

Any shout-outs?
@Jh_illustration @baseborn_dave @classicskateshop @alliknowisgoon @primeskateshop and @insta_gramed and of course KRAK!

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