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Q&A: Lucas Fiederling the filmmaker behind Where We Come From

September 22, 2017

It was the summer of 2015 in the middle of the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin. The first evening planned was the premiere of Where We Come From, the new indie video filmed by Lucas Fiederling. Well, I can say it wasn’t due to the alcohol or anything, we just all got a huge slap in our faces. A few hours later I was sending an email to Lucas. He brought me to what was my first mini-ramp session at the Skatehalle. Thanks Lucas. Thanks for WWCF. Thanks for everything. k.

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Phil Zwijsen & Lucas Fiederling

Age: 29.

Hometown: grew up in a farm between Dusseldorf & Monchengladbach in West Germany.

Number of years filming: I’ve been skateboarding since 15 years. I started messing around with cameras when I was 6.

How did you start: I used to bring my dads photo camera on the weekends if we went to the further skateparks. Then one day Mirko Suzuki, who had a pro board out and was from the next big city, came to our park. We freaked out since he started off by ollie-ing over our whole curb. We all got so excited. So I wasn’t living too far away and my mum owned a hi-8 camera, so I pushed home to get it as fast as I could and the rest is history.

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Eniz Fazliov, halfcab into bank while Axel holds the branch in Gran Canaria, Spain

Film setup: started off with a hi-8 and later I became the guy who didn’t want a VX because everyone wanted a VX. So instead I filmed many years on the Canon XM 2. Great camera, a better mic but shittier colors than VX. I shot a music video for a thrashmetal band with it just a year ago and couldn’t believe it still worked after all these years in the closet. Then when HD came I switched to the Panasonic HPX 170 which is still my favorite camera to film skateboarding with. Outside of skating I’m trying to get my hands on all sorts of cameras from GoPro to Arri Alexa. I wanna just test them all and know how to get great images no matter the setup someday…

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Willow – Wuppertal, Germany

First pro you filmed: I guess Mirko Suzuki. Such a ninja, he would do massive 180 benihana’s over funboxes n shit! Next would probably already be Mark Frolich who very early became a skate buddy of mine and still is.

Number of years for making WWCF: 4 years on & off filming. 1 year editing & production work until the book & DVD were what they are now.

Number of countries visited: easily over 20—from Thailand to Arizona, from South Africa to Finland, from Morocco to New York, from Israel to Gran Canaria.

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Boys in Agadir, Morocco

One ‘on-the-road’ anecdote: well I travelled to crazy places where I felt everything but comfortable to take out my cameras with 40 sketchy pairs of eyes looking at you. But after all these third world countries where did I finally get attacked by a crazy guy who broke my cameras? Berlin – a stone throw distance from my flat…

Last video you watched: The Transworld thing they did about Ed Templeton with Steve Olsen narrating form the offset – that humor I really dig. I wanna find that Circa video again that Paul Shier narrated, that was funny…

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Boys in Badalona, Spain

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Ross McGouran, b/s tailslasher up in Badalona, Spain

Favorite trick: I guess it’s always the one you just learned and that feels natural to you. For me at the moment I’m in love with bs tailslides on transition.

Favorite spot: got to go with Parallel and Macba. I miss spending my Sundays going back and forth between the two and all the good times I had there for endless years…

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Axel Cruysberghs, feeble in Gran Canaria, Spain

Your next project: I wanna do some Ninjas and Turtles skateclip someday. It’s so obvious but has never been done right so I wanna give it a try! Aside skating working on a little short film and a bunch of music videos.

Thank you’s: uff. Just check the WWCF credits, as a filmmaker you have so many people who helped you, especially in skateboarding where it goes from the locals in Israel showing you a good time to your favorite directors in LA giving you advices when you run into technical issues…

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Niklas Speer Von Cappeln in Israel

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Marty Murawski

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Axel Cruysberghs

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Samu Karvonen

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Nassim Guammaz over Phil Zwijsen in Berlin, Germany

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Axel Cruysberghs, feeble in Gran Canaria, Spain

Lucas Fiederling WWCF

Chris Pfanner

All photos by Lucas Fiederling

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