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LA City College R.I.P Rail

May 20, 2019


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Gabe Morford – Slam – Chomp On This
Paulo Diaz & Rudy Johnson – Bs boardslide – Powell ‘Ban This’
Gabriel Rodriguez – Fs boardslide – Powell ‘Ban This’
Henry Sanchez – Lipslide – Tim & Henry’s pack of lies
John Cardiel – Smithgrind – Chomp On This
Jason Lee – Feeble – Blind ‘Video Days’
Rick Howard – Feeble to bs 5-0 – FTC ‘Penal Code’
Ben Beasley – Feeble to fifty & feeble fs 180 – Tim Dowling ‘Listen’
Mike Carroll – Almost feeble to bs tail – Girl ‘Yeah right’
Scott Johnston – Halfcab noseslide – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
Chany Jeanguenin – Fakie fifty – Rhythm ‘Genesis’
Ed Templeton – Fifty to fs board – Toy Machine ‘Welcome to Hell’
Chad Fernandez – Crook to bs lip – TWS ‘Interface’
Dylan Rieder – Bs lip shuvit – Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’
Mikey Taylor – Switch feeble 180 – Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’

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