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Interview, Kraken

Krakhead #1 – Felix Baillet

February 14, 2019

Here is the first episode of our new serie called ‘Krakhead’ – A zoom on one of our active member who post regularly some good footy on the app.

Meet Félix Baillet from Lyon, he’s been a part of the Krak app experience since the beginning. He regularly post really nice spots and also some rad footy! All the footage were taken from his Krak account (except for Aurélien’s hammer on La Defense Double Set).

We’ve always been huge fans of the éS Menikmati video. Some of us are coming from Lyon too and always loved Fred Mortagne’s work so the intro acts as a tribute to your work French Fred! Thanks for everything & long live skateboarding!

Take a chance to be one of our Krakhead and have your own part edited with love by sharing your tricks on the app:


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