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‘Just Cruise’ Q&A with Magenta rider Vivien Feil

October 23, 2017

Some videos resonate with you more than others. Sometimes you hear something about skateboarding that shakes you; deep in your mind. It’s like you were slapped and you start thinking, “hell yeah! This is exactly what it is”. Well, that’s why here at Krak we really like what the guys at Magenta are putting out there. And because we’re all about sharing, we included their DVD ‘Just Cruise’ in our Old School KrakBox. Below is a quick Q&A with Vivien Feil, talking about the video, Bordeaux and the current state of skateboarding. Enjoy and go cruise, k.

Does the video’s name ‘Just Cruise’ come from your talk with the cop at the beginning of the video?
That and a lil jab at the performance culture of skateboarding which is bigger than ever. We don’t think your “level” means shit nor are we stoked on people taking themselves too seriously. Skateboarding to us is a cruise. It’s gotta be relaxed and enjoyable, not necessarilly some show-off shit show.

Where did it happen? Bordeaux?
Yes in Bordeaux.

You told me once over a lunch that it’s not allowed to skate in Bordeaux anymore, is it still the case?
It’s been “illegal” since 2012, right after the city hall did a huge pro-skater event (typical). Only city cops care about it, not the regular cops. You can cruise but you’re not allowed to stick to a spot and skate there. We still do obviously.

What’s the risk? A 60€ fine? More expensive maybe?
It was 60€ turned into about 40€ if you pay as soon as you get the fine. I heard some cops claim it went up to 150€ but haven’t heard of anyone getting that yet.

I guess everyone in your team experienced some talks with the cops (and fines maybe?) once at least? Does it happen that often?
I got fined once and all the locals have been through the process for sure. Some got a bunch of them. Maz (Masaki Ui) is a specialist of aggravating cops and he had a bunch! Usually you can escape or give a fake name. They only really care in the main city squares.

Ben Gore, b/s 5-0. Photo: J. Feil

Ben Gore, b/s 5-0. Photo: J. Feil

How long have you been based in Bordeaux?
I moved there early 2012.

Do you feel any difference due to the policy change? Like it’s harder to skate around the city nowadays? Or not really?
It’s harder for sure knowing you’ll have to be on the lookout. The city hall sucks.

Meanwhile, Bordeaux got some new parks, no?
Not that I’m aware of, no. Apparently the tiny one on the docks is enough for everyone. I don’t care much for parks though so I don’t follow closely if they plan to build more.

Most part of this video has been filmed in Bordeaux. Did you also film in Paris a little bit? I guess some SF footages from Soy’s part?
Yup exactly.

Jimmy Lannon, nollie flip. Photo: J. Feil

Jimmy Lannon, nollie flip. Photo: J. Feil

What are peoples responses when you ‘just cruise’ and skate within the city? Generally speaking, are they cool, curious or angry? We see for instance some nice dudes throwing some ‘bravo’ in the video. But the others seem… anxious, let’s say.
Most people are down. A few suckers get bummed. Some of them call the cops every day and that’s how you get banned from some spots. Generally though people love skateboarding around here. Just not old rich idiots who dream of a countryside vibe for the city.

Talking about skateboarding in the ‘wild’ city – did you have any problems/challenges for the Gaetan’s wallride at The Louvre (on the pyramid itself)? I guess tourists were amazed, yeah?
Paris is much bigger and much more relaxed. I never heard of anybody getting fined there for skating. Authorities have better things to do. We came at night and nobody said shit. Late night tourists were hyped for sure!

Jimmy Lannon, nose manual pop up. Photo: J. Feil

Jimmy Lannon, nose manual pop up. Photo: J. Feil

How long did it take to film?
Basically one summer and a lil extra left and right.

I noticed we didn’t get any handrail tricks for 30+ minutes, it almost seems fresh nowadays haha! Is this the ‘Magenta spirit’? Are you truly averse to any ‘hammer moves’ or not that much in fact?
Nothing against hammers just this has been the trend for so long that most people are convinced performing dangerous manoeuvers IS skateboarding. Well it just is not. Also there are no decent handrails in Europe, that’s a fact. Lots of euro skaters just emulate exactly what they see from the US but if the shit just ain’t where you’re at, it’s just plain weird. It makes more sense to exploit whatever architecture is available where you live and make the most of it. We’re not gonna skate an oversized dangerous shitty handrail 2 hours from the city just to be like the Americans. It makes zero sense to me. We skate what’s here. And you would have to be completely mind controlled to walk around most European cities and see a majority of stairs & handrails to skate. That shit is not around unless you frenetically look for them. We like to keep a more natural vibe to the session.

I see. Big ups Vivien for your time and again: congrats for Just Cruise. Refreshing definitely.

Soy Panday, 360 flip. Photo: J. Feil

Soy Panday, 360 flip. Photo: J. Feil

Zach Lyons, f/s boardslide. Photo: J. Feil

Zach Lyons, f/s boardslide. Photo: J. Feil

Leo Valls, powerslide to pole jam. Photo: J. Feil

Leo Valls, powerslide to pole jam. Photo: J. Feil

Cover image: Koichiro Uehara, quick ollies. Photo: J. Feil

This interview was originally featured in the printed KrakMag issue 9 that shipped with the Old School KrakBox. Want to get your hands on a copy of the next printed KrakMag? Want to receive epic skateboarding product every two months? Check out the KrakBox now!

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