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Krak Minute – Quai de Jussieu, Paris

September 22, 2019

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Dustin Dollin – Fs Lipslide – Giddy #08
Kevin Rodriguez – Bs Lipslide – Pussy Gangster
Kevin Rodriguez – Crooked – Supreme – Blessed
Simon Isaksson – Bluntslide – Sour Solution II
Oscar Candon – Nollie flip manny – Sour Solution II
Matisse Blanc – Flip bs lip – Freeskatemag part
Victor Campillo – Bs noseblunt – Pro d’Haze
Thomas Gouillon – Nollie heel pop drop – OG.2000 x Cinquieme Terrasse ‘Tchock’
Jesse Vieira – Switch wallie 180 – Pizza ‘The Fifth Floor’
Thomas Renaud – Boneless nosegrab – Megamix
Simon Perrottet – 36 Shuvit – OG.2000 x Cinquieme Terrasse ‘Tchock’
Vincent Touzery – Fakie flip – Supreme – Blessed
Vincent Touzery – Switch tre – Pussy Gangster

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