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Pop Over JKwon Ledge, Los Angeles

May 27, 2019

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Brett Sube – Ollie the high ones – Brett Sube Gracias Skateboarding Vol.1
Diego Najera – Fs 180 – AMMO Introduces Diego “SDiego” Najera
Andrew Reynolds – Kickflip – Baker ‘Bake & Destroy’
Yuri Facchini – Heelflip – Blind ‘Damn’
Cyril Jackson – Late fs shuvit – Deathlens Pro vol 1
Bobby De Keyzer – No Comply – DC Shoes ‘Defunkt Introducing Tristan Funkhouser & Bobby De Keyzer’
Jordan Trahan – 360 Flip – Instagram
Kelly Hart – Fakie tré – Instagram
Abbas Glass – Caballerial & double flip – the livin’ video
Myquel Haddox – Halfcab flip & fakie bigspin flip – Instagram
Myquel Haddox – Fakie varial flip – DGK ‘John Shanahan’
Matt Gotwig – Fs heelflip – Sabotage 4
Matt Gotwig – Switch bs flip – Aguora Lifestyle
Carlos Iqui – Switch fs flip – Firing Line
Nick Tucker – Switch fs 180 & switch heel – Birthday Session at JKwon
Nick Tucker – Switch fs heel, nollie inward & switch fs 360 – Primitive ‘Golden Hour’

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