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Into the app – vol 1

December 2, 2014

At Krak we’re deep believers in Design. Isn’t it awesome to have a clear and simple app for skateboarding pictures and videos? We truly aim at offering you the best experience possible so we have been working hard on new features that totally transform our world into an amazing playground for skateboarders.

#1 Explore

You may have noticed a new “explore sign” on the home page. This is the most exciting feature ever! Go find out new spots and identify clearly if it is street, park, shop or private spot thanks to their pictograms. You are now able to check a spot and vizualise real pictures shot by the Krak community. This is powerful and priceless. But wait ? Yeah the app is free!

spots map explore


#2 Add favorite spots to your Wishlist

We all dream of skating golden spots like West LA Court House, Venice Skatepark, Stoner Plaza, Republique…but even more to find the sickest spot ever downtown. Timing here is everything but Krak has a solution for you: Create a wishlist and save the spots you wanna krak later!

  • Go to Menu > Wishlist
  • Create a new wishlist by giving it a name and adding a caption
  • Now you can just save any spot you find on the app.

wishlist 2

Thinking of riding some ledges after school/work?
The app locates all the  spots around you, you can easily identify the street spots and add them to your wishlist.

Looking for skateparks near your holiday house?
Check it out easily on Krak and add them to your wishlist.

You just saw a kickass vid on the app and love the spot?
No worries, just save it for later.

You asked, we did.

#3 Create your Crew

Clearly, this is your area! You build your own crew, include your homies and show to the world how cool it is.

Make the most of it in 3 simple steps :

  • Go to Menu > Crew
  • Follow a crew or Create one by using the “+” button!
  • Ask friends to join the crew: with the search bar for existing Krak users, otherwise bring them in!

So who’s gonna be the most badass crew on KRAK? Can’t wait to see and write about it soon! Stay tuned here in the mag…


Last but not least, you can now shout out loud what spot you are riding at the moment thanks to the KRAK IN feature. As soon as you kraked in, a message will be displayed on your feed. Easy to invite homies to join for a skate session.

kraked in page

Yeah…it is true you can totally KRAK THE WORLD now!

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