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Interview, Kraken

Inspiration: Hugo B.

December 12, 2014

Tell us about yourself. About Treepod.

Hugo Bernatas, I’m 23 and I’m studying filmmaking in Lyon. I create on my own many and varied video projects (music clips, skateboarding videos, institutionnal movies, live,…). Tree Prod is a collective which permits to join together artists, but most of all, friends, in order to help each others and work on a common project.

How did you start filming/editing videos?

I started filming when I had my first DV camera. I started by filming my friends skateboarding. The year after that, I made some video clips to tell about each day of the festival “Rockomotives”. This is really when I started working for myself, and began to developp new projects.

Who inspired you the most?

My inspiration for skatebording videos is Jason Hernandez, the director of the Nike SB’s videos. But I’m also inspired by a lot of artists on Vimeo. They really make the best videos! And sometimes, simply walking down the street can inspire me…

Any funny behind-the-scenes story?

Not really! But I can’t count all the skateboards which ended on my camera lens…

What has been your favorite thing about using Krak?

It’s great to find some spots, and it’s really helpfull when I’m looking for a new place to film which isn’t ten miles away!

Any useful shooting tips for our Homies?

Try to find original angles but more important, enjoy yourself

What are you up to (your projects or wish)?

This month, I’m going to make a video part for Arkaïc Skateboard, and in January, I’ll probably realize a music video in London, but I can’t say more for now !

Thanks Hugo, best of luck in your projects and keep pushin’

Check him out : KRAK app > Menu > Find Skaters > Hugo B

Copyrights: Hugo Bernatas
Instagram: @HugoBernatas
Discover Hugo’s videos on Vimeo

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