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Filmbot x Krak Griptape

September 4, 2017

For the most consistent among you, you may remember our Q&A with Mikendo Stanfield – mastermind behind Filmbot with his partner James Sawyer – back in the KrakMag print issue #4. Yep, back at the end of 2015.

A ‘nerd with a camera’ as he defined himself and yes, he also admitted he used to play too many video games when he was young – hence the name.

Filmbot - Derek Fukuhara

Derek Fukuhara, kickflip. Photo: Mikendo

We have worked together on many products since then but with our 2017 Summer box, we were psyched to release this very special griptape – designed and hand-sprayed by the man himself.

Filmbot x Krak griptape Filmbot x Krak griptape


Filmbot - Derek Fukuhara

Derek Fukuhara, ollie. Photo: Mikendo

Long live skateboarding.

Cover image: Marty Murawski, switch pivot. Photo: Mikendo

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