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Exploring new cities

January 22, 2015

Every week we’re gonna highlight new features of the Krak app that may interest you for your skate sesh. This week, we focus on exploring new cities.

skate peeps

The thing about skateboarding is that it totally redefines the way you see a city, the way you travel. We all remember being new in town, looking for spots to ride and peeps to be with.

So how do you do to find amazing spots in a new city? Do you prefer to go to a skatepark to meet new people or to enjoy the street on your own?

With the Explore button, KRAK is offering you the possibility to see where the good spots are, with photos and videos uploaded directly by the Krak community.


We went to Paris the other day and this is impressive how the Krak community added so many great spots! And the sweet thing is that they are still so many ones coming! Barcelona would be no different, we’re mapping it right now!

PARIS spots

So now tell us, how do you explore cities? Even more important, how can we help you with the app?  You’re also more than welcome to email us, whatsapp us, snapchat. We’re serious man, say hi and come for a high five!

Share pictures of you discovering new cities & we will add them to this article!

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