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D7 Blocks, New York City

February 5, 2019

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Nick Tucker – Switch Ollie & switch inward – Primitive ‘Golden Hour’
Chris Cole – Tucknee – Jenkem
Neen Williams – Fs shuvit – Jenkem
Paul Rodriguez – Varial heelflip – Jenkem
Boo Johnson – Hardflip – Jenkem
Nick Dompierre – Tré – Real ‘Roll Forever’
Brandon Westgate – Fs flip – Jenkem
Dee Ostrander – Bs flip – ‘Bake and Destroy’
Dustin Dollin – Fs heelflip – Volcom ‘Let’s Live’
Ryan Alvero – Bs heelflip – Warco ‘Sun Machine’
Chris Pfanner – Full Cab – Vans ‘Propeller’
Chima Ferguson – Bs 360 – Volcom ‘Let’s Live’
Dan Murphy – Nollie & bs nollie – Nike SB ‘Nothing But The Truth’
Sebo Walker – Switch one foot – ‘8-Days’ part
Darrell Stanton – Switch bs 180 – ‘This is my Element’
Joe Tookmanian – Switch heelflip – 5boro ‘NYNY’
Jon Dickson – Switch flip – Jenkem
Robert Lopez Mont – Fakie flip – kevin perez youtube channel
Josh Hawkins – Nollie flip – Powell ‘Fun’
Marek Zaprazny – Nollie heelflip – Jenkem
Marek Zaprazny – Nollie bs flip – Primitive Vision test (east coast version)
Miles Silvas – Nollie bs heelflip – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Robert Neal – Nollie fs heelflip – Welcome to Primitive… Officially
Erik Ellington – Switch fs flip – Supra presents the Ellington
Tyshawn Jones – Switch bs flip – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Antonio Durao – Switch varial flip – Jenkem

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