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Convention Center, Los Angeles

August 27, 2019

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Dustin Dollin – Slams – Raw 7 days weekend
Micah Hollinger – Layback boardslide – What are you doing?
Anthony Scalamere – Layback boardslide manny – Pig Wheels ‘Slaughterhouse’
Anthony Scalamere – Caveman tailslide – Black Label ‘Blackout’
Micah Hollinger – Kick flip layback noseslide – The FKD Video
Vincent Luevanos – Kickflip noseslide & noseslide bigspin – ‘Where is it?’ part
Zach Doelling – Noseslide nollie flip out – Blind part
Geoff Rowley – Fs fifty – Flip ‘Sorry’
Gareth Stehr – Bs fifty – Foundation ‘Cataclismic Abyss’
Jordan Hoffart – Fs tailslide – Powell ‘Fun’
Micah Hollinger – Fs 180 nosegrind – What are you doing?
Fries Tailleu – Blunt – HI-TIDE
Clive Dixon – Crook – Birdhouse ‘Saturdays’
Aaron Homoki – Kickflip stalefish – Dekline ‘True blue’
Mickey Molina – 36 shuv drop – Youtube clip
Chad Fernandez – Tre & halfcab flip drop – Skatestache part
Sebo Walker – Nollie flip manny – Sk8rats ‘Pump on This’

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