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RIP Conforama, Lyon

January 29, 2016

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Flip ‘Sorry’: backside 5-0 by Mark Appleyard; heelflip darkslide by Geoff Rowley; nollie 5-0 revert & fakie nosegrind revert & nollie heelflip noseslide to fakie & switch 180 to 5-0 by Arto Saari; drop 50-50 & noseslide heelflip out & switch crooked to noseslide by Ali Boulala
– Behind the French Fred Scene: crooked & tailslide & frontside noseslide by Paul Machnau; frontside nosegrind by unknown; blunt by Jeremie Daclin; 50-50 by Charles Collet; noseslide playing whith the cap & noseslide one foot & flip noseslide to fakie & flip crooked by Rodrigo TX; heelflip noseslide by Thibaud Fradin; pop shove-it 50-50 by unknown; nollie tailslide by Flo Marfaing; nollie 50-50 & variations of switch 180 to 5-0 by Arto Saari; over noseblunt by accident & frontside 180 nosegrind by Ali Boulala
– Cliche ‘Europa’: feeble by Jeremie Daclin; 50-50 to drop into the bank & halfcab noseslide by Pontus Alv; switch tailslide by JB Gillet
– Tony Hawk Pro Skater video: frontside boardslide by Steve Caballero
– eS ‘Menikmati’: flip backside grind & flip noseslide by Rodrigo TX
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: heelflip 5-0 to fakie by Chris Dobstaff
– Puzzle: 5-0 to fakie by Chris Dobstaff; nollie noseslide & nollie frontside noseslide & nollie flip noseslide by JJ Rousseau

Below is a noseslide by Jeremie Daclin from B-Side Magazine (1992!):


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