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Krak Minute – Clinton Elementary School, Compton

September 26, 2019


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Carlos Zarazua – Bs tail, bs tail fs shuv, bs tail 36 shuv, bs tail biggerspin, bs tail bs 36 out, bs tail flip out, bs tail flip to fakie, bs 5-0 flip out, bs 5-0 fs shuv bs nosegrind, bs 5-0 lazerflip out – Carlos Zarazua for Grizzly Griptape + youtube compton compilation by Carlos
– Franky Villani – Fakie bs tail – Welcome to Dickies
– Jordan Mourning – Fs tail bigspin heel & laserflip out – instagram @_jordanmourning
– Gabriel Zander- Back Blunt flip out – instagram @zandergabriel
– Tiago Lemos – Switch bs tail – DC promo

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