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Krak Minute – China Banks, San Francisco

September 24, 2019

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Satva Leung – Fs 5-0 & melongrab – Toy Machine ‘Welcome To Hell’
Dan Drehobl – Full cab line – TWS ‘Free Your Mind’
Rob Welsh – Bs 5-0 to fakie – Aesthetics ‘Ryde Or Die Vol.2’
Jarne Verbruggen – Crailslide – Thrasher ‘Never Skatebored’ part
Tom Remillard – Fs boardslide – Vitamin C
Mark Suciu – Bs 180 switch manny revers line – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Dennis Busenitz – Bs 180 fakie manny revers – Real ‘Through And Through’
Jereme Knibbs – Flip up line – Santa Cruz ‘AM Video’
Eli Reed – Switch wallride – Converse ‘Purple’
Rowan Zorilla – Nollie flip – Supreme ‘Blessed’

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