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Burbank 16, Los Angeles

October 6, 2017

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Baker ‘Bake and Destroy’: alleyhoop b/s 180 by Don Nguyen
– Shake Junt: nollie by Jeff Lenoce
– The Deathwish video: f/s shove-it & heelflip & varial heelflip by Neen Williams; switch flip by Ramiro ‘Furby’ Salcedo
– Spliffmode video: b/s flip by Adam Simoni
– Almost ‘5-incher’: hardflip by Youness Amrani
– ‘Not even Chris Joslin can break a P2 deck’ ad: b/s bigspin by Chris Joslin
– Skatestache: b/s 50-50 by Chad Fernandez
– Warco ‘Sun Machine’: boardslide & b/s smith pop out by Jordam Maxham
– Warco Skateboards welcome part: feeble by Jordam Maxham
– Thrasher ‘Double Down’ part: nollie noseblunt & switch f/s flip by Ryan Decenzo

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