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Krak Minute – Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

November 10, 2019

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Nick Ferro – Switch fs 180 + fs nose + fakie bigspin – Grand Collection ‘Pavilion’
Tiago Lopes – Bs flip sexchange & fs 180 sexchange – Sk8Mafia ‘Brain Gone’
Stephen Lawyer – Nollie inward, bs 360, bigspin flip, tre & bs flip 360 – Sk8Mafia ‘Brain Gone’
Tyler Surrey – Fakie fs flip & fakie bigspin heel – Sk8Mafia ‘Brain Gone’
Gustav Tonnesen – Fakie flip & nollie bs heel – Instagram
Gustav Tonnesen – Fakie tre – Between The Parts
Gustav Tonnesen – Nollie bs flip – The Sour Solution
Gustav Tonnesen – Nollie fullcab flip – Adidas ‘Introducing /// Gustav x Samba ADV’

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