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Interview: Adult Inc. team rider Jake Baldini

July 18, 2018

Where did you grow up and when did you start skating?
I was born and raised in Bangor Pennsylvania, a really small town 90 miles east of NYC. I had little plastic skateboards from the 1970s around my house my whole life from my aunts and uncles and I was riding those as far as I can remember but I don’t remember when exactly I got my first real skateboard. I think it had completely taken over by the time I was 9 or 10.

Jake Baldini. Photo: John Shanahan

Jake Baldini. Photo: John Shanahan

You’ve obviously started with Adult right from the very beginning. What’s been your involvement in bringing the brand to life?
It’s still the very beginning. I was able to go along to the manufacturers warehouse and see the operation and be involved in deciding on shape and size, which was fun. It’s still so new… Anthony is open to a lot of different ideas and making it fun though so we will all be involved as it progresses.

Anthony told us you were especially vocal in wanting the company to be East Coast rooted. Why was that important to you? What do you think it is about the East Coast skate scene that makes it special?
Well it is rooted here, this is where we live and generally skate. It didn’t make sense to me to have the skateboards made in California or somewhere else by some people that are over there. Chapman has been doing it for a long time and the warehouse is located on Long Island so we can actually go there, communicate with the people who are doing it where we are doing it. Skateboarding here is just different, it’s been said a million times but there is a certain aesthetic, it’s obvious. There are a lot of skaters here doing cool things, making cool videos because they want to and there is nothing to be had in return as far as the industry goes because there isn’t really one on this side of the country. I don’t know if that makes it special but it’s definitely different.

Jake Baldini. Photo: Mac Shafer

Jake Baldini. Photo: Mac Shafer

What was it like filming ‘Back Pages’? Was that your first time skating and filming with the other guys on the Adult team?
That was all footage we collected with different filmers and gave to Sam McCormick who edited it. I haven’t met everyone yet.

Do you consider yourself to be good at ‘adulting’?
That depends on what “adulting” really is. I’ll go with yes.

Jake Baldini, ollie. Photo: James Juckett

Jake Baldini, ollie. Photo: James Juckett

Jake Baldini, backside flip. Photo: James Juckett

Jake Baldini, backside flip. Photo: James Juckett

Cover image: Jake Baldini, boardslide. Photo: Max Zahradnik

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