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Founders Interview: Adam Goeglein of Silverback

September 13, 2017

We have been amazed by Silverback Skate. The first thing is: we constantly need a skate tool with us. Period. I recall so many times on the street where peeps broke something on their board and lacked a tool to change their thing. Last one was at Jkwon, LA. Fortunately, at that sort of spot, you always find some people who have one. But here is the thing with a tool: it’s not convenient at all to carry with you. Especially when you skate in a city where you don’t need the car to cruise around. That’s where the multitool by Silverback comes into play. Such a genius idea. We were stoked at first and then we have been surprised by the quality of the product. Last but not least, Adam is a super cool guy. We didn’t need more to be convinced to offer you his multitool into the mix. And here’s Adam’s story. k.

Hey Adam, I’m happy to have you here. Can you tell our readers more about yourself?
I grew up in a small neighborhood in the Santa Monica Mountains, north Los Angeles pretty much. My Dad gave me a skateboard when I was pretty young (around 3-4 years old) and the rest is pretty much history. I’m lucky enough to live by the beach so I spend my time surfing and dog chasing. Skateboarding is still part of my everyday and the odds of finding me with an Apple Fritter and Maple Donut in my mouth are high.

How did Silverback start?
Silverback started when I was college at Arizona, I was really into product design and had some ideas that turned into products. Silverback Skate began about 6 months after college when I decided to evolve one of my first products into a skateboard tool. I’ve been making HIGH quality skate products ever since.

Silverback Skate

How did the name come about?
Silverback is the toughest animal in the jungle, pretty simple.

It’s a very original product, what gave you the idea?
Product evolution. At first, I wanted to make a bottle opener that was slim enough to fit in your wallet. From there it evolved into a 12+ function multi-tool and then added an elastic wallet strap to give it more utility, 0-8 cards and cash. After that, I wanted to make another wallet tool but SPECIFIC for skateboarding, I love skateboarding and their isn’t another skate tool and wallet in one out there. I then gave it a phillips head screw driver on a keyring so you can complete your build anywhere.

Who’s behind the company?
I’m behind the company, it’s pretty much a one man show pulling all the strings with a lot of help from friends and family along the way giving support and advice, especially my Dad. Our small team of riders have been awesome and it’s been cool to help guys out along the way, that’s what it’s really all about!!!

Who’s on the team?
Flow Team riders are D’Andre Pendergrass, Kaine Rogers, Jamarus Wallace, Marcus Carr and Cody Temple.

Silverback - Marcus Carr

Marcus Carr

I remember you launched a Kickstarter campaign for your first multitool how would you describe the overall experience?
Kickstarter is a great way to get product exposure and test the market waters. It was a great Business 101 intro and helped me learn a lot FAST. It’s a diving board into the business world and I encourage everyone to try something their interested in.

What were the pros & cons for you of making such a crowdfunding campaign? For our readers who would love to launch their own product, would you recommend Kickstarter?
PROS: Getting money to pay for product/design and exposure, you need money and Kickstarter can provide.
CONS: Couldn’t think of any, if you have an idea or passion please go out and DO IT!!!

Silverback Skate - Jamarus Wallace

Jamarus Wallace

You evolved from the 12+ functions to the 18 tools in 1. What are the next steps?
More evolution. The Silverback is evolving into a more functional skate-snow-surf tool and product line as we speak.

You also launched premium shoelaces; what else is on the way?
More premium products are on the way. From new laces to new hardware to new tools and apparel. We also have a few collabs in the pipeline and new distribution I’m really excited about!!!

Silverback Skate Silverback Skate

What’s a typical day like for you?
I’m pretty busy all the time but I always make sure to have fun and enjoy each day. I love skateboarding and am fortunate enough to do it for a living right now, life is too short to have bad days!!! Whether I’m working on designing new products, sourcing new sales accounts/working with distribution teams, to going into new shops and meeting new riders, to skating or surfing with friends, I really enjoy every day.

How did you get into skateboarding?
My dad gave me a skateboard when I was really young. I used to ollie in front of a mirror for days in my parents garage when I was 4 years old trying to get it right!!! I grew up living far away from my friends so skateboarding was the only thing I did to pass the time. I’ve always been an outside kid, I can’t sit still enough to stay inside.

Silverback - Kaine Rogers

Kaine Rogers

Mandatory questions: what are your favorite videos/parts?
Favorite parts because they’re old are Stevie Williams in Chocolate Tour and Guy Mariano in Mouse, some of my favorite skaters from when I was really getting into skateboarding!!!

Any last words to wrap things up?
Thanks for taking the time to read this interview, if you have any questions shoot me an email through our website.

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