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7 Blocks, Santa Coloma De Gramenet

January 8, 2019

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Werner Sandoz – Ollie – Puzzle 34
Bastien Salabanzi – Fakie Flip – Lordz ‘They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us’
Florentin Marfaing – Switch bs 180 – Lordz ‘They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us’
Mike Taylor – Nollie fs 180 – DVS ‘Skate More’
Daniel Ledermann – Fullcab – Adidas ‘Three ep.2’
Trevor McClung – Nollie cab – ‘Bloodshot’ part
TJ Rogers – Switch 36 – A Week In Barcelona with TJ Rogers
Billy Marks – Tréflip – Fallen ‘Ride The Sky’ & Toy Machine ‘Brainwash’
Nassim Guammaz – Fs bigspin & bs heelflip – Element ‘Future Nature’
Fernan Origel – Hardflip – Digital ‘FYI’
Fernan Origel – Switch fs flip – Jart ‘AM Project’
Paul Rodriguez – Switch fs heelflip – Nike SB commercial
Chris Cole – Fakie fs flip – Fallen ‘Ride The Sky’
Tyshawn Jones – Halfcab flip – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Miles Silvas – Switch bs heelflip – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Adrien Bulard – Switch bigspin heelflip – ‘New Life’ part
Chris Joslin – Fakie bigspin flip – Etnies ‘Album’
Tiago Lopes – Flip late shuvit – Sk8mafia ‘Brain Gone’

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