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#5 – KRAKED!

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) in the app. BANG! New record so far: one guy put no 1, no 2, no 3 but 4 pics in the KRAKED of the week. Congrats Arthur Clement-Bollee! Keep on pushin’

A lot of videos to watch last week with:

– your servant, Kevin Straszburger at Stoner Skate Plaza; I tried different effects + some dudes were literally on fire
– Amiel Kornicki at Big 9 Stairs; really nice flip over the stairs bro
Flo Stoker at New Spot DIY Hangar; first your hangar is sick! second we love your flip front
Amiel Kornicki again at 3 blocks Quai de Seine; bang that tre-flip!
Matteo O’Skati at Republique; nice flip!
– another tre-flip over the stairs w/ Felix Baillet at Hotel de Ville (HdV)
Jules at Place de Saint-Gervais; looks like a firing line or what?

And the best staff pics are:



Check them out in the KRAK app > Menu > Find Skaters


Picture © SaMoBiker