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#2 – KRAKED!

November 24, 2014

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) that we had the chance to notice in the app. This week we have 2 skaters who made it in both categories (congrats Allan & Robin) + we see some dudes who already were in the #1 last monday, congrats to them too cause they get used to amazing content which makes us all super happy! Keep on pushin’

Check the videos:

Allan Arma at Diar; man, your grind on this circular handrail is one thing but your fall is pretty sick (and quite spectacular for some neighbor girls we have at the office who are not used to that sort of footage)
Robin Fournier at Saint-Andre; who proves us that we could really enjoy a little rail w/ a great mix of fs boardslide (1st: big spin 2nd: flip 3rd: nollie)
Joseph Garbaccio at Rouen Skatepark; I don’t even need to write anything, just the name of the trick: 540 stallfish!

And the best staff pics are:


Wanna see more? Find them on KRAK!

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