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#12 – KRAKED!

February 4, 2015

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) in the app. Sifax is still in the place this week w/ those 2 shots:

sifax sifax2

We welcome back Ines and Marius also.

ines marius

Hot news: a record has been broken last week! Welcome Simon and his (no 1; no 2; no 3 but….) 6 shots! Plus: the guy is also in the video w/ some very cool footage, congrats bro! And keep on pushin’


In the video this week, we have in order of appearance:PacubaRobinArthurRomainSimonSimon; SimonAmelienDavidJeremiahManuelMariusMaxime; Maxime.

Featured image: Ines David

Wanna see more? Find them on KRAK! (in the app: click Menu > Find Skaters)

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